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Mary Beth Wise

Mary Beth Wise, aspiring yoga instructor and works in accounting and financing..wait, what? Yup! While Mary Beth feels at home in the world of numbers and statistics, she has also discovered her love for yoga, meditation and healthy living. She incorporates the insights she has gained in her practice throughout her professional life, and is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle outside of the office. Her issues with nutrition and weight have accompanied her throughout her childhood and adult life. Mary Beth has a very interesting take on how our bodies react to food differently depending the mindset we are in. I love this insight – it has definitely changed the way I think about the body-food connection!

Wendi Matt

Wendi Matt is a blogger, a mom of two and owns her own photography business in Greenville, South Carolina. This interview is an authentic look into her life and struggles with food, addiction and tying her personal growth into the work of a mom and small business owner. I love this interview because Wendi is refreshingly honest about her life and her struggles. I know that many of us can relate to much of her story, and without a doubt, there is a lot to take away from this talk! Enjoy!

Kay Eck

Kay Eck (RYT) is an author, mother of four, previously owner of a yoga studio and primarily …. a seeker! Diana and Kay delve into what weight issues are really about. In this episode, Kay recounts her personal experience with weight and body image issues and describes the work involved when dealing with self love and acceptance. This interview gets to the core of why so many of us suffer with weight and body image and gives us a perspective on how to heal…

Lannah Mason – Part One & Part Two

Lannah Mason is successful in the world of event production. Learn how she manages her struggles with weight and body image in today’s world. Lannah and Diana chat about the importance of understanding oneself and being kind to self while taking steps towards wellbeing and health.
In part 2, Lannah tells us the story of a weight loss challenge at a fitness studio, where things did not go as expected…this opens up a conversation about what real motivation is and about connecting to that motivation. Also, it’s about setting a goal that makes sense – is it weight loss or is it just feeling good and healthy?

Grief’s Role

In this interview, Diana Schieke interviews Tanya Smith. Tanya Smith is the owner of Addelise Inc. a marketing and brand development company. She also is a blogger for A Widow’s World and sits on the Board of Directors for Hope for Widows Foundation, a 501 3c non-for-profit organization. In this interview, Diana talks with Tanya about the role that grief played in her life after the loss of her husband at the age of 26.

Next to Nancy

In this interview, Diana Schieke welcomes Nancy Neal. Nancy is a registered dietician and has been working as a specialist for eating disorders for over 30 years. She is an ordained interfaith minister and works in the field of holistic healing. In this interview, Diana and Nancy explore the acceptance of body, motivation and the positive protective barrier that weight provides.

To connect with Nancy you can visit her at Reverend Nancy Neal.

Introduction – Weight & Body Image

Diana Schieke introduces herself and the vision and purpose for the Weight, Body Image and Peace series of interviews. The interviews will explore each person’s journey and struggle with weight-loss, body image and acceptance.

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