Lighten Up: An eCourse with Diana Schieke

Live in peace with Food & Your Body

There’s no homework, no exercises, and I’m not one more person telling you what to do. This is my story, put into a module format, about a long-term struggle with weight and how I finally broke free from diets, and mandates, and self-help gurus. The modules are clear and easy to understand. They shed light light on every step and every notion of my path.

I’m a companion with you on this journey, and want to help break you free from the thoughts and notions that keep us tied into diet culture. Gain awareness of what weight issues are really about so you can be successful in finding your true, comfortable weight. WATCH OR LISTEN – this course works either as a complete audio version or video and text.

Who this course is for

  • This course is for those of us looking for a deeper understanding of what weight issues really are about.
  • It is geared towards those who want to end dieting and restriction, and instead find a more peaceful way of weight management.
  • This course will particularly benefit those who enjoy a “learning by listening” approach – all texts are also in audio format.
  • This course is a look into my personal journey – it is an inspiration to explore your personal experiences and challenge your beliefs – there is no homework or exercises

This e-course is on the e-learning platform Udemy.

The regular price for this e-course is $54.99 – Udemy has specials and sales going on all the time!

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